Who we are:
example6 Executive Director: Juan Manual Campos Krauer
example6 General Manager and Curator: Iván Khlil Benítez Riveiro
example6 Agricultural Technical and curator: Víctor Robles López
The Tagua Project begins in November 1985
through an agreement between the Zoological Society of San Diego (USA), the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Py) and the Peace Corps of the United States, with the intention of starting a research project and captive breeding program for the Taguá (Catagonus wagneri) due to the alarming decline of the then little known and newly discovered species.

Settling in October 1986 in Defenders of the Chaco National Park, Department of Alto Paraguay. However, because of frequent inaccessibility to this site during the
rainy season in the same year it was decided to relocate to a more convenient and easily accessible area. Currently the project is located in Fortín Toledo, Department of Boquerón about 35 km from the city of Filadelfia.

Proyecto Taguá recently stopped being a project to become El Centro Chaqueño para la Conservación e Investigación (CCCI), a NGO founded in 2010 in order to continue and expand the work of captive breeding, conservation, health and sustainable development with emphasis on the Chaco region of Paraguay.
The CCCI's mission is:
1. To Implement research, projects and programs that promote sustainable development, health and conservation of wildlife species that inhabit or pass through the territory of Paraguay.

2. Act as a center for research of national and international information.

3. Strengthen and improve the system of monitoring and management of protected areas, both public and private.

4.4. To promote and encourage the establishment of museums and scientific collections in order to preserve and record the biological wealth of Paraguay.

5. To promote opportunities for training of university students and the participation of citizens, private companies and public institutions in the conservation of biodiversity.

6. Support the government and other national or international organizations in their efforts to promote the well being of human and animals and also to support the conservation of biodiversity in Paraguay.

example6Tagua group in captivity.
example6Headquarters of the CCCI.